www.ndlea.gov.ng 2019 – NDLEA Recruitment Form Portal

Here on this webpage, you will learn about www.ndlea.gov.ng. You will also see how to apply for National Drug Law Enforcement Agency jobs on NDLEA 2019 recruitment portal. Do you want to know where to Download NDLEA Referee Form you’re on the right page.

However, if you want to know how to apply for the latest NDLEA job opening, you’ve to read this guide very well.

NDLEA recruitment portal via www.ndlea.gov.ng is where all the NDLEA jobs applicants fill their application form online.



If you want to apply for NDLEA recruitment Form, you’ll need to visit the page; if you’re going to fill NDLEA jobs Form, you’ll also need to visit NDLEA Portal.

However, you will need a working email address to register/create an account on the NDLEA application form Portal.

How To Apply For NDLEA Recruitment Form via www.ndlea.gov.ng

To begin with, all you need is to provide your e-mail address, Names, and Gender on the registration page. You also need to make sure that the email address is functioning because you’ll receive a link in your email to use and verify your account.

Note: You can’t verify your account if your email address is not functioning. However, you need to verify your account before applying for NDLEA job vacancy. Lastly, Do not give anyone your email address and password to avoid stories that touch the heart.


How to Fill NDLEA Application Form Online?

Do you have register for NDLEA jobs online? However, you can now follow the guideline here to fill your registration form online via NDLEA Recruitment Form 2019 Portal

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Furthermore, online registration form is free for everyone however, do not pay anyone for Ndlea 2019 Form.

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Please note: If you have any difficulty while trying to fill NDLEA Form, comment below right now..

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  1. Olatoyinbo Roseline mercy

    Please am interested,l have my first degree all my credentials are available

    1. We will let you know when the form is out.

      1. Good morning sir, pleace when would NDLEA form be available?

      2. Pls Inform me when NDLEA shortlisted list is out

    2. Nwalor Kenneth Ndubuisi

      I am interested sir

  2. Please notify me when the form is out. thank you

    1. ok! we’ll inform you.

      1. In wish to join NDLEA please notipy me when the recrutment is going on

      2. Please where can one obtaine application ndlea form

      3. pleace would the infoemation rich me through my sms of via email?

  3. Abdulazeez Taofeeq

    please i want to know if the form is now out for registration

  4. Am interested pls

    1. Pls I need the site where I can fill the form

  5. please sir notify me when the form is out

  6. Please inform me when the form is ready

  7. Olode Sunday Peter

    Please l am interested in want register.

  8. Please am interested much

  9. Plz Adim am interested on the Job, how do I know when the start registering

    1. we’ will inform you or subscribe to our news feeds.

    2. Sir, Good morning. I will like to be notified, when the forms are out. Thanks sir!

  10. My name is Emmanuel, an abbasador of the agency through drug free club an extension of NYSC, am very interesed in this job and wish to contribute my qouta and get paid as a graduate
    My email enetomehemmanuel@gmail.com, thanks.

  11. Pls I want to join ndle notifying me when the form is out



    1. Pls notify me when the form is out

    2. Why the ndlea website portal is not open to registered the ndlea

  13. application for ndlea.gov.ng registration form portal

  14. Yes, thanks

  15. I will love to be notified

    1. Yes thanks and how will I apply.

  16. Please notify me when the form is out

  17. Good day sir, i am having challenge, i went to the website http://www.emplug.com to sign up so they can send activation link to my email,but iam yet to get the activation link,and if i try logging in, it will ask me to go to my mail, and i have checked my mail severally and no activation link has been sent to me. bcos that is the site NDLEA directed to fill the form, i want to know if the problem is from their server.

    pls notify me when and how to get the form if is out.

    1. check your spam folder to know if you will see the email.

  18. Good evening, please I have been waiting for mplug to send my activation code but yet to receive one and I have asked several times to resend, nothing I received. Please kindly tell me how to go about this

    1. Check your spam folder in your email address.

  19. I am have some challenges to apply on the porter pls ,admin

  20. Good morning, please notify me when the form is out,am interested, thanks

  21. Sani Musa,sanisaudat86@gmail.com, male

  22. yes am interested

    1. Ishola Felix Ayodeji

      Admin, please I don’t see anything like form here pls help me out

  23. yes am interested


    pls what is your actual site for applying NDLEA recruitment?

    1. http://www.emplug.com Portal Login | NDLEA Registration 2019/2020 Portal

  25. Please I seriously want your notification once the form is Out.

  26. Samuel Ajirioghene

    Good afternoon sir, please i have been trying to open the site but its not coming up please am i to add anything http://www.emplug.com thank you sir

    1. The site is down… Keep trying.

      1. Admin i can’t apply , and i don’t know why?

  27. I find it difficult to even sign up,since two days,what could be the problem,it’s not opening

  28. i cant sign up as at this time, what can i do to gain access?

  29. even me sir the samething of that matter.

  30. Musa Haruna Dakasku

    I the application form out?

  31. sir how to apply form sir I never see it. please help me

  32. i am very much interesting in this job but i have been trying to sign in and register and the page is not opening, i think something is wrong. i need your sir.

  33. Iam unable to locate the form web page, pls it the form not yet out

    1. The form site is having issues..

  34. Please kindly notify me when the form is out .

  35. Pls the link given for NDLEA registration “www;.emplug.com” is not showing anything when you click on it. It will just be blank there. Pls what is wrong or is the site not open yet?
    Thanks for your kind response.


    I am interested please

  37. I have difficulties in filling the form, an email had been sent to be me but I can’t access the site

  38. Muhammad Abdulkarim Elmiskin

    I want to Apply


    Please I’m sincerely interested in the NDLEA job I have all my credentials ready. Please notify me when the form is out and also the available website for the registration

  40. Please I’m very much interested sir.

  41. An email was sent to me by emplug to activate my account but when I click it, is saying error

      1. Abubakar Adamu Bwala

        I am interested sir,but how can I apply it

  42. Interested

  43. Hi! EMPLUG site is down seriously ! One can’t get access as at the time of this post!, pls NDLEA do something now! Time is moving!..

  44. please I have not been able to access the emplug site. please time is going.


    why the portal is not going. NDLEA IS NOT GOING ANY CLUE OVER IT.

  46. how will apply because that web sit is not opening

  47. Abdulkadir Sarki Abdulkadir

    Please am interested very much


  49. Pls am finding it difficult to sign up and apply for the ndlea recruitment

  50. application form for the ndlea registration

  51. am interested on this job,with my heart and certificate i can do best to contribute my quater to this organization.


  52. Nwalor Kenneth Ndubuisi

    I am interested sir


  54. please I was unable to upload all my documents,what will I do,should I submit it like that or is it network problem,

  55. We can find site
    How can we get it sir?

  56. olowookere uthman omotayo

    Pls I am interested sir,but d site is not going through

  57. Immaculate onuchukwu

    Am interested sir.. I want to apply, plz update me.

  58. Immaculate onuchukwu

    Am interested sir… Plz how do I apply

  59. Sir, good morning. I want to be notified when the form are out. Thank you sir!


  60. Admin good day please I can’t apply I don’t know what is wrong

  61. I want to be notify of any update

  62. I have register for ndlea now need my application number,please help me oua

  63. Good morning sir, am unable to sign in

    1. Please admin should address this issue. I have make my application and it was successful but unfortunately I was unable to receive my slip which was said to be received via email or sms.Now getting to a week without a slip

  64. Am yet to receive my application reference I’d via email.aminatisashuaibu@gmail.com

  65. Yes


    I have register for NDLEA gotteon the application number but yet to get the link in my mail to continue.

    Please kindly help tomeet upwith the closing date. Thanks.

  67. Dada oluwakorede olawale

    I’m interested, I want to know if the form is out and I need a link to register

  68. Good morning admin, have been trying to access the ndlea portal for the past days but is not opening up for me so what do I do sir please help me because the information told me that the deadline will be on 29th August.
    Reach me on 09055225882
    Email: nangiboibis@gmail

  69. Please notify me when the NDLEA portal opens up for application. Thank you

  70. Am interested. Notify me when the form is out

  71. onyegbula chikanma

    please am highly interested.i need a federal job.please kidly notify me when the form its out.

    thank you

  72. yes I want to work with
    ndlea 08169152555

  73. Application for an employment as narcotic officer.

  74. Nwada Geradine Ugonna

    please which site site can i use to apply for NDLEA recruitment?.

    1. http://www.emplug.com Portal Login | NDLEA Registration 2019/2020 Portal

  75. please Sir, to whom are we addressing the application cover note to?

  76. Agbonlenin Hope Osayomonre

    I am interested in NDLEA job, pls kindly notify me when the recruitment is on. Thanks sir

  77. Kalasele Carlton s

    Am interested

  78. Please I can not find the recruitment form what am I suppose to do

    1. Okay thanks

  79. I want to apply but I can’t see the link to fill the form please advise me on this or if possible email me the link

  80. plz admin,how do I get National drug law enforcement agency past question and answer?can you plz forward it to my mail chisomfelixikemefuna@gmail.com as PDF.Thanks

  81. Please I want to apply for NDLEA job but the site is not opening since yesterday

  82. Oguejiofor Nwanneka Constance

    Please i Want to apply but can not find the Link please how do i go about it. Please send me the information on my email ogueji2019@gmail.com

    1. Gbadewole Helen Adejoke

      Please kindly inform me when the NDLEA shortlist is out

  83. Yusuph Nasrat Eniola

    Please, am interesting in the form.

  84. Abanobi Onyekachi Desmond

    pls tomorrow is deadline and I’m still struggling to login the registration site, I don’t understand if it’s network or from the website,….Pls admin I really in need of help cos I need this job.

  85. Otu Saviour Aniekan

    I filled the form correctly and I was told to wait for the link to be send to my gmail and up til now nothing as been send to me, my gmail is very active

  86. Otu Saviour Aniekan

    I filled the form correctly and I was told to wait for the link to be send to my gmail and up til now nothing as been send to me, my gmail is very active. What should I do next? Have downloaded the referee form, it remaining the acknowledgement slip

  87. Akah Miracle Nnanna

    Good morning. The day I registered for NDLEA, I was not given a printout but on the scream, I was told that my registration was successful and that a link will b sent to my email to print out the acknowledgement slip, but uptil now, no message has been sent. And now, the site is not opening for me to print out d slip. Please what should I do?

  88. Hope, there will be extension of datelines for the application because of bad server?

  89. i amount having. problem

  90. Yes

  91. Is my dream please
    let me know if is form is out
    thank you

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